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Rural Education Action Program
Seeing is Learning Education Intervention Materials

Introductory Video

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Children's Pamphlet (1.2MB +PDF+)

Parent's Pamphlet (298.8KB +PDF+)

Teacher's Pamphlet (226.1KB +PDF+)


PPTs - Free Glasses Schools

Students' PPT in Free Schools (3.2MB +PDF+)

Parents' PPT in Free Schools (1.2MB +PDF+)

Teachers' PPT in Free Schools (1.2MB +PDF+)

PPTs - Voucher Schools

Students' PPT in Voucher Schools (3.2MB +PDF+)

Parents' PPT in Voucher Schools (1.2MB +PDF+)

Teachers' PPT in Voucher Schools (1.2MB +PDF+)

PPTs - Control Schools

Students' PPT in Control Schools (3.2MB +PDF+)

Parents' PPT in Control Schools (1.3MB +PDF+)

Teachers' PPT in Control Schools (1.3MB +PDF+)


Poster 1 (624.4KB +PDF+)

Poster 2 (688.1KB +PDF+) 

Poster 3 (686.5KB +PDF+)

Poster 4 (720.2KB +PDF+)